Cuatro Islas - An Unspoiled Gem in Leyte

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Oh, how lucky I am to be born and raised in a country filled with white sand beaches. Last August, I have discovered another stunning group of islands with the cleanest and clearest water ever. Come and explore Cuatro Islas with me!


Achieving Balayage Finally

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When traveling, my hair is one of my top problems. Aside from being unmanageable, its color became so dull. I go to the beach a lot and spend too much time under the sun though and I admit these are some of the factors that could damage the hair. Thank God I was introduced to this amazing salon right here in Cebu and had the chance to have a hair makeover! Read on to know more. 


Beach Overdose in Isla de Gigantes

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Living in the Philippines means living in an archipelago of 7,107+ beautiful tropical islands. Each island is unique. Some have perfect surfs, others have perfect white sands, or glorious cliffs. Some have pebbles, or gray sands, and even pink sands! Some might be crowded, filled with hotels and bars, but there still lots of secluded and pristine islands. Every time I discover a new one, I realize how surprising my country is, and how blessed I am to have easy access on paradise. 

Just to warn you though, this post is bloody long. Feast your eyes!


Dumaguete's Islands Leisure Boutique Hotel and Spa

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Who says it is impossible to stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel when you are on a tight budget? Read on to know how much is the rate of the prettiest hotel in Dumaguete. Trust me when I say it's so cheap!


Camotes Island

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White sand beach, sunsets, good people, a handful of adventure spots, cold beer and live acoustic reggae flooding at night. Officially one of my favorite islands.


Negros Oriental's Red Rock Hot Spring and Waterfalls

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After having too much sun at Antulang Beach Resort and Tambobo Bay, our restless feet took us to a different kind of adventure.


Antulang Beach Resort

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Imagine having the beautiful view of the Sulu Sea during the day and the sound of the waves crashing below your luxurious suite on a cliff when you sleep at night, all with utmost privacy. 


Sunset Cruise to Tambobo Bay with Antulang Beach Resort

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Beach. Picture-postcard bay. Yacht. Sunset. Clear blue Skies. Cool Wind. Just had the perfect recipe for the best birthday ever and our first trip in 2016 as well!


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