Restoran Muar | Where To Dine in Kuala Lumpur

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What better thing to do upon stepping on a country for the first time than to venture on their cuisine first? Agree, yes? :)

After we landed in Kuala Lumpur, our itinerary led us straight to Restoran Muar at Tengkat Tong Shin for lunch, a place for the best home-cooked Malaysian cuisine right in the heart of KL. And since it's my first time in Malaysia, I was very excited to try their food. People said that in order to fully experience each country's culture, you should devour its food. Which I totally agree with.

Restoran Muar is located just behind Jalan Alor, the famous spot for street foods.

Can you guess what is this? Not a cake nor a crepe, it's actually a Crispy Fried Egg (7RM). I'm really amazed by how they cooked it, and it's really yummy!


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