I am an ocean, I am the sea. There is a world inside of me

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Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2012

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BCBA will acknowledge this year's top 10 famous blogs and the 7 Niche winners on December 9 at the Insular Square Mall, Mandaue City.  Luckily, my blog, Damsel In Dopeness is nominated for the first time *happy dance*. Glad to make it to the top 30 and hopefully. will make it to the top 10 (fingers crossed). I just wanna thank the people behind this event for making the bloggers in Cebu recognized, us bloggers will surely aim to make our contents great. Wish me luck, readers! ;)


Cebu Blog Camp 3

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Hola bloggers, soon-to-be bloggers and non-bloggers (but will still become a blogger anyway)! It's that time of the year again. Yeah you got it right, I'm talking 'bout the Cebu Blog Camp 3, the biggest gathering of bloggers in Visayas! Isn't the title so obvious? :)

I have joined the launching of this event once, last May, and that day was filled with laughter and quizzes and prizes and foods that can be summed up into one word: FUN! My most memorable experience would be that moment when our group won the trivia, thanks to our group mates. This year, I expect this blog camp to be a bigger and an unforgettable blog camp ever that will end our year right.  

 Theme: Building blogging communities.


At the Boulders of Camp Four

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Hola, readers! I've been very lazy these past months so I wasn't able to update my dormant blog. However, I realized that I still have many activities in the past years that are worthy to be shared and I'll be damned if I would not blog it. Here's one of the coolest outdoor adventure I had a year ago.
I miss my outdoor life so much that's why I remembered this one.

On a sunny morning last March 13, 2011, I went on a bouldering in Camp 4 in Talisay City Cebu, just less than an hour trip from home. Bouldering has been on my bucket list ever since. I'm with some of the pioneers of IMS, Erwin Castillon and Reyfiel Racaza, my cousin Cindy Solon, my sis Caitlin Alferez and another IMS member Ian Villegas. Tzu Erwin and Tzu Reyfiel had been there once, many years ago, actually. They said they were not really familiar with the trails anymore but we still managed to passed through it.


Mt. Tres Marias 2-Day Climb

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New climb. New mountain. New trails. New friends. New crush. Some of the reasons why I'm keeping up with this hobby. Hello Leyte, hello Tres Marias!

Arrived at Ormoc City at around 4am.


Swimming With The Whale Sharks

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Ever saw a whale shark or what is known in the Philippines as butanding or tuki? You have to definitely see one before you kick the bucket!

SUNRISE! oh how I love to see one. The view while on the road to south. 


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