Doc Adolph's 4th Death Anniversary

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Four years ago, on November 30, Doc Adolph, an outdoor enthusiast who gave up his medical career to pursue his hobby and love for outdoors, fell to his death in a 60-meter deep vertical cave in Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu. And last Sunday we visited the area together with late Doc Adolph's co-speleologists and co-IMS (Inter-Mountaineering Society) members to pay tribute on his 4th Death Anniversary.

Doc's photo from a friend's file. Although I haven't met him back when he's still alive because I joined IMS a year after his death, I pay tribute to this bloke who had left a great knowledge about outdoor skills to his fellow mountaineers and spelunkers. He shared everything he knew, he was not selfish. And that knowledge has been passed down even to the newest generation of IMS. I'm thankful that IMS had Doc and I'm greatful to be a part of IMS.


VIsayas Blogging Summit 2011

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Hola readers! I can't wait to tell you that this will gonna be my first time to attend the Visayas Blogging Summit, if ever I get the chance to be one of the lucky participants. I got really giddy and happy after my cousin told me about this whole thing. Imagine yourself learning all the essentials of blogging with some respected speakers in front of you, telling you how to make your blog prosper and this is exactly for free! The greatest thing in this is, it will be held just in SM City Cebu, just kilometers away from our home! So I was thinking why not try my luck to register to this event and learn like a lot of matters regarding blogging. Specially me, I was just starting to pimp up my dormant blog. 

So this is the event poster, so vibrant in colors. I like it. Ha-ha.


Shangri-La Resort and Spa (Mactan,Cebu)

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I really made this blog to post about my mountain climbing and running sports or other outdoor related activities but I now decided to post other activities outside of the category I mentioned so I can only focus on one blog. I actually have a tumblr account but I want to focus more on blogger.

So, I'm lucky to have a good friend of mine who invited us to Shangri-La Mactan last summer. This 5-star hotel was really great! It will costs you up to 20,000 if you will check in there but we were guests of our friend so we are free in their facilities.


Mt. Canlaon For the Second Time Around

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It was around last June 2009 that our mountaineering group, the Inter-Mountaineering Society (IMS) has again organized an independence climb in Mt Canlaon, Negros Oriental. So the reason why I have posted it only now is because my blog has been dormant for almost a year due to my laziness. It was actually my second time already in Canlaon because the organization has first organized a clmib last June 2008. It felt so good to have climbed the same mountain for two years straight specially we are taking different trails this year. 

So we started trekking at Mapot. We trekked for about 3-4 hours before we arrived at our first campsite which is just below the forest line. For the second day, we hiked towards Makawiwili  Peak which is the most tiring trek of all.

This is the view from the Makawiwili Peak taken during the first day of our climb. The background is the Mt. Canlaon volcano. It was so great because in last year's climb, all we see in Makawiwili is fog. 


cebu Marathon 2011

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It’s sinulog 2011! It’s Cebu’s fiesta! It’s cebumarathon 2011!


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