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Kayaking was one of the thousands of outdoor sports that i want to try. I can swim so i have no worries. :) I remember when I was still a kiddo, we went on this particular beach in Mactan with my family. There was a set of kayaks displayed on the shoreline, together with my siblings, we jumped in excitedly on the kayaks not knowing there was a rental.

Last September 5, we went on kayaking together with the IMS folks in Karancho Beach, Mactan. The event was entitled "Moonlight Kayaking Series". This was the event poster by jump off point. Call now! :D


The North Face "Thrill of the trail" Trail Running Series (Bohol)

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It's my first time to join an 11k marathon! In my past runs, I usually register to 5k categories . This time, I took 11k and finished it! We spent like some weeks preparing for this race. Patience, perseverance, time, and energy were sacrificed. It feels good to be a finisher in this race. It was such an amazing experience. Traveling to places Ive never been is awesome! Major thanks to the sponsors and of course to The North Face for organizing such successful event. It was indeed a bloody priceless experience! \m/

On the way to bohol. (before the race day) September 11, 2010



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my second time joining a half marathon. the road was filled with 23,000 5k category runners. i kinda did not enjoy this run, but at least i donated a shoe upon registering to this event. and we went to bonbon after the run to refresh ourselves.



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this is the entrance of the cave.. this is my second try entering this cave. the opening is so small, i hesitated at first, i thought i can't make it.. but i did!


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